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January 17, 2014

#1318: Actually


((The text of the comic is circular. Each statement is followed by the next, wrapping around back to the original speaker. Thus, the speaker chosen to be “first” below is chosen arbitrarily - in this case, the one that is facing upwards on the page.))

[[6 figures stand on the surface of a circle, equidistant around it.]]

First figure: Actually, measurements suggest it’s flat.

Second figure: Actually, it’s a sphere.

Third figure: Actually, it’s an oblate spheroid.

Fourth figure: Actually, it’s a shape defined by the EGM96 coefficients.

Fifth figure: Actually, it’s that plus local topography.

Sixth figure: Actually, it’s embedded in a universe that’s curved.

((And thus the text has arrived back at the beginning of the first figure’s statement.))