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January 13, 2014

#1316: Inexplicable


[[A figure sits at a desk with a laptop. A woman is off-screen.]]

Figure: Argh!

Woman: What?

Figure: Why do I always have these inexplicable, impossible-to-diagnose computer problems?

[[The woman walks up to the desk.]]

Figure: After six hours of this, I’ve concluded nothing works or makes sense. I give up on logic.

Woman: «sigh»Gimme. I’ll figure it out.

Figure: You won’t.

[[The figure sits at his laptopless desk. Off-screen, we can hear the woman working on it.

«Type type»


Woman: ?

«Type type type»

Woman: ???

[[The woman is back in front of the desk, clutching the laptop.]]

Figure: How’d it go?

Woman: Your computer is literally haunted.

Figure: Told you.