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January 1, 2014

#1311: 2014


((This is a series of quotes from various people of various timeframes. The sections surrounded by two dashes (–) are bolded. Each quote is followed by the author, the document of publication if applicable, and the year))

It is desirable -every thing printed should be preserved,- for we -cannot now tell how useful it may become- two centuries hence.

Christopher Baldwin


I predict that a century hence the -Canadian People- will be -the noblest specimens of humanity on the face of the Earth-

Rev. John Bredin


In the twenty-first century -mankind will subsist entirely upon jellies.-

The Book Lover


The twenty-first century baby is destined to be rocked and cradled by electricity, warmed and coddled by electricity, perhaps fathered and mothered by electricity. -Probably the only thing he will be left to do unaided will be to make love-

Mrs. John Lane, The Fortnightly


To-day, in the city of New York, sixty-six different tongues are spoken. -A century hence, there will probably only be one-

The American Historical Magazine


I often think -what interesting history we are making for the student of the twenty-first century-

William Carey Jones


China may be a -great shoe market- a decade or a century from now

Boot and Shoe Recorder


By the twenty-first century I believe -we shall all be telepaths.-

Gumbriel, Character in Antic Hay


The physician of the twenty-first century… May even criticize the language of the times, and may find that -some of our words have become as offensive to him as the term “lunatic” has become offensive to us.-

Dr. C. Macfie Cambpbell


Historians of the twenty-first century will look back with well-placed scorn on the -shallow-minded days- of the early twentieth century -when football games and petting parties were considered the most important elements of a college education.-

Mary Eileen Ahern, Library Bureau


-In the year A.D. 2014- journalists will be writing on the centenary of the Great War– -That is, if there has not been a Greater War-

F.J.M, The Journalist