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August 14, 2013

#1251: Anti-Glass


[[Two police officers stand at an apartment door. The female officer is holding a pair of glasses with something attached to it. We will see later that Black Hat Guy is in the apartment]]

Female officer: Police. Open up. Did you make this glasses attachment?

Black hat guy {{through door}}: Oh, yeah.

[[Black hat guy is sitting at his laptop.]]

Police officer: What’s it do?

Black hat guy: It detects when someone near you is wearing Google Glass and shines a laser pointer at their eyepiece.

Police officer: Why??

Black hat guy: The best defense is an indiscriminate offense.

[[Cut back to officers outside the apartment.]]

Male officer: It seems you’ve mailed these devices to people across Silicon Valley, including the children of every Google executive.

Black hat guy: Yeah. It’s a viral marketing campaign for an upcoming movie.

Male officer: What movie?

Black hat guy: haven’t decided yet. Anything good coming out this fall?

Male officer: Sir, open the door.

Black hat guy: First stare at the peephole for a sec.