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July 31, 2013

#1245: 10-Day Forecast

10-Day Forecast

[[A figure sits at a desk using a computer, conversing with an off-screen woman.]]

Woman: Is it going to rain this weekend? I have a thing.

Man: Lemme check.

«Type type»

Man: … Uhh. What?

((Ten small panels are presented, each one with a picture describing that day’s weather.))

Your 10 day forecast:

[[Today: A sun. Tomorrow: A sun obscured by grey clouds. Friday: Three grey clouds with a single lightning bolt. Saturday: Giant grey clouds; 7 lightning bolts. Sunday: a huge swarm of flies. Monday: Three stick figures with elongated bodies; one seems to be holding his head in pain. Tuesday: A figure is silhouetted against a dull red-brown glow; he seems to be wearing a huge-winged helmet. Tuesday: white noise. Tuesday: complete black. Tuesday: complete black.]]

[[The woman has walked up to the figure at the desk.]]

Woman: … Oh! You typed a minus sign in the zip code. The negative zip codes are all like that.

Man: Let’s never move there.