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July 24, 2013

#1242: Scary Names

Scary Names

[[A scatterplot, with the y-axis labeled “scariness of name” and the x-axis labeled “scariness of thing name refers to.

At the top-left is “chernobyl packet”.

Slightly right and downwards of that is “bomb calorimeter”.

Towards the middle-top is “kessler syndrome”.

Towards the middle-bottom is “soil liquefaction”.

Towards the center is “mustard gas”.

Along the bottom, two-thirds of the way to the right, is “grey goo”.

Slightly up and to the right from that is “criticality incident”.

About midway up from there is “bird flu”.

Further up, not quite at the top, is “demon core”.

Back towards the middle vertically, but slightly farther to the right, is “superbug”.

Almost all the way to the right but still near the middle vertically is “nuclear football”.

At the far top-right is “flesh-eating bacteria”.]]