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July 15, 2013

#1238: Enlightenment


[[Two Internet Bodhisattvas lecture a pupil encircled by a wheel placed upon the ground.]]

Boddhisatva 1: To achieve Internet Enlightenment, you must free yourself from insecurity.

Novice: But insecurity keeps me humble!

Boddhisatva 1: No. Insecurity leads to conceit. Conceit leads to judgment. Judgment leads to being an asshole.

[[A laptop is placed on a stand in front of the student]]

Novice: I’m ready, How do I begin?

Boddhisatva 1: Type this sentence: “I heard you’re idea’s and their definately good”

[[The laptop has been smashed to the floor. The circle, one full of hope and excitement, is now full of despair and no students]]

Boddhisatva 1: She wasn’t ready.

Boddhisatva 2: Its a difficult road.