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May 3, 2013

#1207: AirAware


[[Hat Guy is holding the remote for a drone which hovers nearby.]]

Guy: What’s that?

Hat Guy: It’s a drone for my new business, AirAware.

Our UAVs follow you and learn your schedule. If you miss a turn, forget an appointment, or give someone inaccurate information, they alert you.

Woman, on the phone: I’ll be there in five.

Drone: WRONG!

Woman: Augh!

Guy: That sounds annoying. Who would pay for that?

Hat Guy: Huh? Nobody pays. I’m just making these and releasing them.

Guy: That’s not a business. You’re just yelling at strangers from the sky.

Guy: A business has to make money somehow.

Drone: WRONG!

Guy: Augh!!