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March 29, 2013

#1192: Humming


[[Two characters stand close together in conversation. One of them is humming.]]

Man: Hey.

Woman: «Musical notes»

Man: What’s that?

Woman: «Musical notes»

Man: Why are you humming?

Woman: «Musical notes»

Man: Should I know the tune??

Woman: «Musical notes»

Man: …Hmm…

[[The man pulls out his cell phone and fires up a song-match app.]]

Phone: Identify song. Recorded

Live (beta)

Woman: «Musical notes»

Phone: Identifying…

[[We see the screen of the phone. There’s a picture of the woman on it as album cover art.

Positive match: Check it out! By I hacked the audio fingerprint database feat. Meeeeee. Track: We’re out of cat food (pick some up)