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March 13, 2013

#1185: Ineffective Sorts

Ineffective Sorts

define HalfheartedMergeSort(list):

 if length(list) <2:

      return list





Here. Sorry.

define FastBoGoSort{list}:

an optimized BoGoSort

runs in 0(N logN)

 From N to 1 to log(length(list)):


      If isSorted(list):

           Return list

 Return "Kernel Page Fault (error code: 2)"

Define JobInterviewQuicksort(list):

 Ok so you choosea pivot

 Then divide the list in half

 For each half:

       Check to see if it's sorted

            No, wait, it doesn't matter

       Compare each element to the pivot

            The bigger ones go in a new list

            The equal ones go into, uh

            The second list from before

       Hang on, let me name the lists

            This is list A

            The new one is list B

       Put the big ones into list B

       Now take the second list

            Call it list, uh, A2

       Which one was the pivot in?

       Scratch all that

       It just recursively calls itself

       Until both lists are empty


       Not empty, but you know what I mean

 Am I allowed to use the standard libraries?  

Define PanicSort(list):

 if isSorted(list):

      Return list

 for N from 1 to 10000:



      if isSorted(list):

           return list

 if isSorted(list):

      return list

 if isSorted(list):

this can’t be happening

      return list

 if isSorted(list):

come on come on

      return list

oh jeez

I’m gonna be in so much trouble

 list = [ ]

 system ("shutdown -H +5")

 system ("rm -rf .


 system ("rm -rf ~


 system ("rm -rf 


 system (rd 


q C:*”)


 return [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]