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February 22, 2013

#1177: Time Robot

Time Robot

[[A figure with a shotgun runs into the scene and addresses a standing woman.]]

Figure: I’m from the future! You’re being stalked by an unstoppable robotic assassin!

[[We see a close-up of the figure.]]

Figure: Of course, in a sense, we’re all being stalked by an unstoppable robot. A robot called time.

[[The figure looks at a ticking clock on the wall.]]

Figure: I see it in the mirror. I see wrinkles, grey hairs. I hear its metallic footsteps in the relentless rhythm of the ticking clock.

[[We pan back out to see both figures.]]

Figure: Anyway, uhh– come with me if you want to live for a while. You’ll still die eventually. We all will.