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December 11, 2013

#1302: Year in Review

Year in Review

[[A newscaster sits in a studio, with an inset reporter on the scene.]]

Newscaster: We go live to our 2013: Year in review!

On-the-scene reporter: Thanks! In 2013, I didn’t see an aurora.

Newscaster: I- what?

On-the-scene reporter: The northern lights. I thought this would finally be the year. But it didn’t happen.

Newscaster: Oh. Uh… what about the rest of the year?

On-the-scene reporter: What do you mean?

Newscaster: Any big news stories?

On-the-scene reporter: Oh yeah, tons.

[[The inset reporter looks off screen. The newscaster looks at her.]]

Newscaster: … Well, that was 2013: Year in review.

On-the-scene reporter: The sky’s clearing up. I’ll be outside.