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November 4, 2013

#1286: Encryptic


Hackers recently leaked 153 million Adobe user emails, encrypted passwords, and password hints.

Adobe encrypted these passwords improperly, misusing block-mode 3DES. The result is something wonderful:

[[A column titled “user password” with colored hashes in it, identical hashes colored identically. A column titled “hint” with various phrases one might enter as a password hint in it, e.g. “favorite of 12 apostles”, “name + jersey #”, “he did the mash, he did the” and so on. In a third, titleless column, a set of empty boxes that one might use to fill in a sequence of letters.]]

The greatest crossword puzzle in the history of the world

{{Title text: It was bound to happen eventually. This data theft will enable almost limitless [xkcd.com

792]-style password reuse attacks in the coming weeks. There’s only one group that comes out of this looking smart: Everyone who pirated Photoshop.}}