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November 20, 2013

#1293: Job Interview

Job Interview

[[Beret Guy walks in, followed by a.. “prospective hire”]]

Beret Guy; Welcome to our company! We’re headquartered here, in this real building I found!

[[Both people sit down at a table. “Hire” has a tray with food and a beverage. Beret Guy has a bowl. There is a power outlet labeled “Soup” in the adjacent wall. A small roll of wire sits next to Beret Guy’s chair]]

“Hire”: What do you.. do?

Beret Guy: We make stuff for phones! Like apps and stickers!

[[Beret Guy grabs the roll of wire]]

Beret Guy: We want to hire you to write on our computers. we can offer you a bunch of paychecks! There are ghosts here.

[[Beret Guy unrolls the wire and plugs it into the wall]]

“Hire”: ..are you sure this is a company?

Beret Guy: I hope so!

[[Something one can only hope is soup streams out of the wire into Beret Guy’s bowl]]