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October 4, 2013

#1273: Tall Infographics

Tall Infographics

By the year

((First two words are blue, “year” is white))

2018 2019 2020

((2019 is three times as large as its neighbors))

all information

[[graph to the right, with a line that trends upwards towards “all” at a point marked 2019]]

will be

((“will” and “be” are labels for segments of a pie chart))

[[a large 6 with “years from now” next to it, and below that, a large 72 with “months” broken over two lienes next to it]]


[[Two figures face each other, with the “communicated” in a speech bubble rising up from one of them, the other saying “yes!”]]

in this

((the “in” is the label for a dimensional indication, which spans the much larger “this”))

clear and concise

((each of the above words is in a segment of a venn diagram))

f o r m a t

((each letter is the label of a bar on a bar chart, with the heights equal to the letter’s position in the alphabet))