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January 9, 2013

#1158: Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet

[[A woman is standing on the left edge of a rubber sheet. In the middle is a bowling ball. A man in a beret is standing on top of the bowling ball.]]

Beret guy: Imagine a giant bowling ball on a rubber sheet. The ball’s weight makes a dent in the sheet.

[[A rope has been attached to the sheet, and is pulling downwards. The woman peers down.]]

Beret guy: Now imagine a rope that pulls the ball down even further. …Annnnd…

[[The rope snaps. The woman loses her balance as the sheet shakes and the ball flies into the air.]]


Beret guy: Wheee

[[The woman stands on the now stable sheet. The ball falls down towards it.]]

Woman: … Oh. I thought this was about physics.

Beret guy: Imagining is fun!