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January 30, 2013

#1167: Star Trek into Darkness

Star Trek into Darkness

[[A man sits at a computer, talking to a woman off screen.]]

Man: Oh, wow. Look at Wikipedia’s talk page for Star Trek into Darkness. I have a new favorite edit war.

Woman: Oh?

[[The woman walks up to look over his shoulder.]]

Man: Forty thousand words of debate over whether to capitalise “into” in the movie’s title. Still no consensus.

Woman: That’s magnificient.

Man: It’s breathtaking.

Woman: They should have sent a poet.

[[We see a close-up of the man. He’s typing.]]

Well, I’m making an executive decision. I hope both sides accept this as a fair compromise.

«Type type»

[[We see the Wikipedia page. The title is now “~~ StAr TrEk InTo DaRkNeSs ~~”]]