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September 7, 2012

#1105: License Plate

License Plate

[[A guy walking toward the left, holding a car license plate in front of him.]]

Guy: Check out my personalized license plate!

Girl (out of frame): “1I1-III1”?

[[The girl is now in frame, sitting in an office chair, looking down at the license plate in her hands. The guy stands in front of her, rubbing his hands together with glee.]]

Guy: No one will be able to correctly record my plate number! I can commit any crime I want!

Girl: Sounds foolproof.


[[A witness (a bald man in glasses) stands in front of yellow ‘DO NOT CROSS’ police tape, speaking to a pair of police officers. One officer is facing him, writing in a notepad, the other is turning to walk away.]]

Witness: The thief’s license plate was all “1"s or something.

PO #1: Oh.



PO #2: His address is on a post-it in the squad car.