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September 28, 2012

#1114: Metallurgy


[[A man and a woman stand at the counter of a shop. A man with a beard and a beret stands behind the counter, holding a sword.]]

Beard: This sword was forged from a fallen star. Antimony impurities make the blade surprisingly





[[A close-up on the man with the beard.]]

Beard: And


dagger is made of metal from a far-off kingdom. It glows blue.

Out of panel: When orcs are near?

[[The man with the beard holds a dagger.]]

Beard: No, always. Radiation from the Actinum content.

Woman: …does it have eldritch powers?

[[The bearded man puts the dagger back behind the counter.]]

Beard: It gives the wielder +2 to cancer risk.

Other Man: I think we should find another shop.