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September 21, 2012

#1111: Premiere


[[Standard vacuous entertainment newscast. An anchor starts off the segment with an inset feed of a field reporter]]

In-studio News Anchor: All Hollywood is in town or tonight’s star-studded premier! We go live to our reporter on the red carpet. How do things look?

[[Field reporter feed switches to fullscreen. The reporter is stating on the red carpet in front of a full crowd.]]

Field reporter: Bleak. In 800 million years, the aging, brightening sun will boil away the oceans, and all this will be blowing sand.

[[Switch back to initial framing]]

Anchor: Oh. Um. ..sounds pretty grim. How are the stars reacting?

Reporter: Hydrogen fusion. But it won’t last forever.

Anchor. I mean the movie stars.

Reporter: They won’t last forever either. None of us will.