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August 31, 2012

#1102: Fastest-Growing


[[A man with a combover, a book, and a clipboard approaches black-hat man.]]

Combover: You should check us out. We’re the fastest-growing religion in the country.

Black hat: “Fastest-growing” is such a dubious claim.

Combover: It’s true! We grew by 85% over the past year.

((Between panels.))

[[Black hat man shouts to someone out of frame.]]

Black hat: Hey, Rob – wanna join my religion?

Rob: Sure, whatever.

[[Black hat man turns back to Combover and produces a notepad and pen.]]

Black hat: Well, looks like my religion grew by 100% this year.

[[Black hat man begins to walk away.]]

Combover: We have 38,000 members!

Black hat: Hope they’re all ok with second place.