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July 9, 2012

#1079: United Shapes

United Shapes

The United Shapes: A map of things states are shaped like

((Each state has some item wedged to stay inside its borders))

Alabama: A moai head facing east.

Alaska: Winne the Pooh with a jetpack and a ray gun.

Arizona: A refrigerated shelf containing milk, bread, and pastries.

Arkansas: A measuring cup.

California: A vacuum.

Colorado: The wiki article on Colorado.

Connecticut: A train conductor’s hat.

Delaware: A meerkat.

Florida: an eggplant.

Georgia: Missouri.

Hawaii: A snowball.

Idaho: A garden gnome, sitting down.

Illinois: A gangster with a guitar case, upside down.

Indiana: The brush of a paintbrush.

Iowa: A tomato, lettuce, cold cut and cheese sandwich.

Kansas: A stand-up piano.

Kentucky: A cloud.

Louisiana: A boot with some gum stuck to the bottom of it.

Maine: A Vulcan salute.

Maryland: A howling wolf, upside down.

Massachusetts: An elephant, being ridden by a man, carrying tea.

Michigan: A mitten for the lower portion, an eagle for the UP.

Minnesota: $160 in $20 USD bills.

Mississippi: A moai head facing west.

Missouri: Georgia.

Montana: One half of a muffin.

Nebraska: A blue VW type 2 with mattresses sticking out the back.

Nevada: A clothes iron.

New Hampshire: A tall brick factory building.

New Jersey: A bent-over old person.

New Mexico: A liquid container labeled for something of unusual and silly danger.

New York: A hybrid transmission with standard manual-style gears and a torque converter sliced in half.

North Carolina: A bouquet of flowers.

North Dakota: The top half of an amp.

Ohio: Underwear (Briefs).

Oklahoma: A covered pot, dripping with boilover.

Oregon: A locomotive.

Pennsylvania: A very thick book with a bookmark.

Rhode Island: The bow half of a boat’s hull.

South Carolina: A slice of pizza.

South Dakota: The bottom half of an amp.

Tennessee: A number of childrens’ books, placed in a slightly askew pile.

Texas: A dog sitting in a bowl.

Utah: An oven.

Vermont: A microscope, upside down.

Virgina: A frog.

Washington: A whale.

West Virginia: A stegosaurid.

Wisconsin: A skull.

Wyoming: An envelope.