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July 13, 2012

#1081: Argument Victory

Argument Victory

Person 1, chatting on a cellphone: I can’t believe you’re so wrong. I’m backed by Snopes, Wikipedia, and a half-dozen journals. You’re citing .Net ppages with black backgrounds and like 20 fonts each.

Person 2, using a laptop on a desk: It’s sad how you buy into the official story so unquestioningly. Guess some people prefer to stay asleep.

Person 1: Watch closely - I’m about to win this argument.

Person 2, responding electronically: how?

Person 1: By going down a waterslide. [[The person is sitting at the very top of a waterslide preparing to descend]]

Person 2: So? what does that prove?

Person 1: Wheeee..

Person 2: You didn’t win the argument!

Person 1: …eeee «sploosh»