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June 4, 2012

#1064: Front Door

Front Door

[[A graph titled ‘Walking Back to My Frong Door at Night’: the x axis represents geographic location, where 0 to around the midpoint is ‘yard’, a point beyond the midpoint is ‘steps’, a point after that is ‘door’, and all points afterward are ‘inside.’

A blue line, labeled ‘Fear That There’s Something Behind Me’ begins to slowly increase from the start, with a slight dip further into the yard, and a steep increase right before the steps, maxing on the steps, and decling steeply at the door, bottoming out once inside.

A gray line, labeled ‘Forward Speed’ is at a steady medium height until it gets to the steps, at which point it shoots upwards, and then slowly declines once inside.

A red line, labeled ‘Embarrassment’ stays at 0 until just before the steps, where it begins to trend upwards, spikes at the door, and begins to slowly decline once inside.