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June 27, 2012

#1074: Moon Landing

Moon Landing

[[A man is sitting at a table with a laptop open. His hands are on the keys.]]

Man: Hah– Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a great reply to people who doubt astronauts went to the moon.

Voice off-screen: Oh?

Man: “Atop 3,000 tons of rocket fuel, where


do you think they were headed?”

[[The voice off screen turns out to be a woman. She is depicted, and now the man is off-screen.]]

Woman: Cute. But it overlooks an even simpler argument.

Man: Which is?

[[Both the woman and man are now visible. The man has turned her chair around to face her.]]

Woman: If NASA were willing to fake great accomplishments, they’d have a second one by now.



Woman: …too mean?

Man: That burn was so harsh I think you deorbited.