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June 13, 2012

#1068: Swiftkey


[[Person 1 shows off phone to Person 2]]

Person 1: Have you tried SwiftKey? It’s got the first decent language model I’ve seen. It learns from your SMS

Email archives what words you use together most often.

Person 1: Spacebar inserts its best guess. So if I type “The Empi” and hit space three times, it types “The Empire Strikes Back”.

Person 2: What if you mash space in a blank message?

Person 1: I guess it fills in your most likely first word, then the word that usually follows it..

Person 2: So it builds up your “typical” sentence. Cool! Let’s see yours!

Person 1: Uh–

SwiftKey: I

SwiftKey: Am

SwiftKey: So

SwiftKey: Sorry

SwiftKey: That’s

SwiftKey: Never

SwiftKey: Happened

SwiftKey: Before.