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May 16, 2012

#1056: Felidae


Well-known felines:

[[A graph organizing various feline species labeled with common names ordered by Genera(in order of which would win in a fight) on the y axis, and coolness of name on the x axis]]

Smilodon(extinct): “Saber-toothed cat (scientific name: Smilodon fatalis)

Panthera: “Jaguar”, “Leopard”, “Snow Leopard”, “Tiger”, “Lion”

Puma: “Cougar”, “Puma”, “Panther”, “Mountain Lion”

Other felidae: “Ocelot”, “Cheetah”

Felis & Lynx: “Housecat”, “Bobcat”, “Wildcat”, “Lynx”

[[Some elements are further connected using an unbranched acyclic digraph. The elements are connected thus: “Cheetah” -> “Puma” -> “Jaguar” -> “Panther” -> “Tiger” -> “Leopard” -> “Snow Leopard” -> “Lion” -> “Mountain Lion”

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