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March 28, 2012

#1035: Cadbury Eggs

Cadbury Eggs

[[Two Cadbury eggs, one in the foil, the other out of the foil and broken open to reveal the gooey center.]]

A Cadbury egg has about 20g of sugar. (25, Outside the US) “One Cadbury Egg” is a nice unit of sugar content.

[[A can of soda with an equals sign and two eggs; a bottle of soda with an equals sign and three eggs.]]

One 12oz. can of soda has about two Cadbury eggs worth of sugar. One 20oz. bottle has three.

[[Two unwrapped Cadbury eggs, with an arrow indicating they should be placed in a glass of water.]]

One Cadburry egg is enough to make me feel kinda gross. Now when I see Coke or Snapple or Nestea or whatever, I imagine drinking a couple of dissolved cadbury eggs.

[[A woman puts her hand to her chin in thought, a man has his arms out in exclamation.]]

Woman: Wow. Huh. So the takeaway is… I can eat Cadbury eggs by the handful all season and feel no worse about it than I do about soda?

Man: That’s not really–

Woman: This is


Man: sigh