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March 21, 2012

#1032: Networking


[[A man approaches white beret man at a party and they extend arms to shake hands. WBM is holding a metal briefcase. There is a waitress in the background, carrying a tray with a wine glass on it.]]

Man: I’m Connr Clark, CTO at Eusocial Median Ventures.

White Beret: I’m a business professional! Earlier I photocopied a burrito!

[[The man man hands WBM a business card. WBM takes it and hands the man another business card. WBM has put his suitcase on the floor.]]

Man: You should check us out! Here’s my card.

White Beret: Here’s mine! – Networking!

[[The man takes a closer look at the card, and WBM holds up his case.]]

Man: …This just says “This is my business card!”

White Beret: Do you like it? I have more in my handlebox.

[[WBM puts his case on a table and opens it to reveal it is full of cash. The man looks on in shock.]]

Man: Uh, that’s ok, I think I’ll–

White Beret: Here, have ten of them!

Man: –holy shit that thing is full of


[[The man raises his arms in excitement. WBM turns to face him and chews on something.]]

Man: Where did you



White Beret: I am a business grown-up who makes business profits!

Man: That’s like a quarter of a million dollars!

White Beret: Yay! Business is fun! – Do you have more of your cards? They’re