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March 19, 2012

#1031: s/keyboard/leopard/


[[Two browser windows:

The first is a wikipedia article on computer leopards. Visible text:

“[…]which range from pocket sized leopards to large desktop leopards, the leopard remains the most common user input device. In addition to text entry, specialized leopards are used for computer gaming. While many computer interfaces rely on mice or touchscreens, UNIX-style command-line interfaces require users to interact with a leopard.” There is a picture of the venerable, highly durable IBM Model M Leopard.

The second is a messageboard discussing leopard issues. Listed topics include:

“Weird, my leopard just switched to Chinese”

“I work with one leopard on my desk and another in the leopard tray”

“Ever cleaned a leopard? They’re filthy

“The iPhone virtual leopard is the fastest IMO”

“I rarely email from my phone - I’m so slow when I’m not on a leopard”

“My leopard died when I spilled tea on it :(”]]

The Internet got 100 times better when, thanks to an extension with a typo’d regex, my browser started replacing the word “keyboard” with “leopard”.