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February 29, 2012

#1023: Late-Night PBS

Late-Night PBS

[[Scruffy is rubbing sleep out of their eyes and talking to clean shaven.]]

Scruffy: Have you ever watched PBS late at night?

Scruffy: I fell asleep after


and woke up at like 3 AM.

[[The upper portion of the panel continues dialogue, while the lower shows a drunk gameshow host and several contestants. The monitor shows a field of crosses, presumably graves.]]


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

was back on, except the host hadn’t aged well and he’d clearly been drinking.

Scruffy: Every question took them to some horrible place like Mogadishu or the Cambodian killing fields.

[[Now it shows a bookshelf revealing a hidden room.]]

Scruffy: The kids were freaked out, but they kept playing. Eventually they were told they’d found Carmen Sandiego hiding behind a bookshelf in a Dutch apartment.

Scruffy: The Chief appeared and asked “Are you


of what you’ve become?”

Scruffy: Then Rockapella walked out and just glared at the kids until they started crying.

Clean-shaven: I, uh, don’t remember the old show being that dark.

Scruffy: Maybe we were too young to pick up on it.