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February 13, 2012

#1016: Valentine Dilemma

Valentine Dilemma

[[A man, hand on chin, thinking aloud to himself.]]

Man: Flowers seem so … trite. Something homemade? Easy to look halfhearted.

[[A woman sits at her computer, one arm leaning on the back of her chair, the other hand on her chin, thinking aloud.]]

Woman: Valentine’s Day is a corporate construct. - But hard to opt out of. - I don’t want to be a consumer tool


an inconsiderate jerk.

[[The man walks down the street, still thinking aloud.]]

Man: How do I fight cliché? I could get her a gift on a


day. - But what am I proving?

[[The woman is leaning back in her chair, playing with a stapler.]]

Woman: It’s such a contrived ritual. But maybe rituals are necessary social glue.

[[The man puts his hands to his face in panic.]]

Man: Forty presents. No,


No, give her five items then steal two from her. - Ok, breathe. Keep it together.

[[The woman is also panicking, one hand to her face, the other still holding the stapler.]]

Woman: And what if he gets me something I don’t reciprocate? - Prisoners Dilemma! - AAAAAAAAAA!!

[[The man and woman meet. The man is holding a basket and a jar of hammers. The woman’s hand is stuck to her face.]]

Man: I got you Easter candy and a jar of hammers.

Woman: I panicked and stapled my hand to my face.

Man: We overthought this.

Woman: Yes.