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December 5, 2012

#1143: Location


[[A man is sitting at a desk typing at his computer while a man and a woman look over his shoulder.]]

Man: (typing) Hey, party tonight? We’d all love to come see your new place!

PC Screen: Wait, what?

[[The other side of the conversation: a guy typing on a laptop at a table.]]

Laptop Screen: We want to hang out!

Guy: (typing) We’re not, like, good friends.

Laptop Screen: I know, but we were thinking about it and we really like you!

[[The three people again. The man behind the man in the chair is clasping his hands in anticipation.]]

Man: (typing) You should have us over tonight! For, like, an hour. It’ll be fun!

PC Screen: Well, uh, sure.

[[A black panel with white outlines and letters. A view of the guy’s house from above. Four green explosions are seen in the house’s yard.]]