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December 21, 2012

#1150: Instagram


[[One man sits at a computer. Another stands behind him, talking.]]

Man #2: I’ve been putting all my stuff in Chad’s Garage. He has nice shelves. And he lets me in to see it whenever I want.

[[We see a handwritten note.]]

Man #2: But I just got this note from him:

Note: Dude, in like a month im gonna Craigslist all that shit you left in my garage. Just FYI. – Chad

[[A close-up of man #2.]]

Man #2: It’s an outrage! This is no way to run a storage business!

Man #1: Are you paying him to look after your stuff?

[[We see both characters again, as in panel #1.]]

Man #2: No.

Man #1: Then what he runs isn’t a storage business.

Man #2: Well, I’m this close to not giving him any more stuff.

Man #1: That’ll teach him.