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November 14, 2012

#1134: Logic Boat

Logic Boat

[[A person shows up at a boat docked at the edge of a river. The person has brought along a head of cabbage, a goat, and a wolf.]]

Problem: The boat only holds two, but you can’t leave the goat with the cabbage or the wolf with the goat.

[[The wolf looks curiously at the lumpy bally that’s been left behind while the person goes off with the goat]]

Solution: 1. Take the goat across

[[The goat remains tied up on the far side. The wolf watches the person come back]]

  1. Return alone.

[[The wolf thinks “aww no mo bally” as the person goes off]]

  1. Take the cabbage across.

  2. Leave the wolf. Why did you have a wolf?

[[The wolf goes off all sad-like]]