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November 12, 2012

#1133: Up Goer Five

Up Goer Five

US Space Team’s Up Goer Five

[NASA’s Saturn V]

The only flying space car that’s taken anyone to another world.

[The only spacecraft to take anyone somewhere other than Earth]

(Explained using only the ten hundred [thousand] words people use the most often)

((The following is a top-to-bottom description of the various parts of the Saturn V, alternating between the limited-vocabulary version and the technical version))

Thing to help people escape really fast if there’s a problem and everything is on fire so they decide not to go to space

[Launch Escape System]

Thing to control which direction the escaping people go.

[Launch Escape System pitch motor]

Stuff to burn to make the box with the people in it escape really fast

[Launch Escape Motor]

Place where fire comes out to help them escape.

[Launch Escape Motor nozzles]

Part that flies around the other world and comes back home with the people in it and falls in the water.

[Apollo Command Module; includes “People Box, Door, Chairs”]

Part that goes along to give people air, water, computers and stuff. It comes back home with them, but burns up without landing.

[Apollo Service module]

Cold Air for burning (and breathing). This part had a very big problem once.

[oxygen tank; was the tank that exploded during the Apollo 13 incident]

Part that flies down to the other world with two people inside

[Lunar Module]

Part that stays on the other world (It’s still there)

[Lunar Module Descent Stage]

Feet that go on the ground of the other world

[Lunar Module Descent Stage landing gear]

Ring holding most of the computers

[Instrument Unit]

Part that falls off third (this part flew away from our world into space and hit the world we were going toward)

[Third stage]

Things holding that kind of air that makes your voice funny (It’s for filling up the space left when they take the cold air out to burn it)

[Helium tank]

The kind of air that once burned a big sky bag and people died and someone said “Oh the [humans]!” (used for burning) (wet and very cold)

[Liquid Hydrogen tank]

The part of air you need to breathe, but not the other stuff (used for burning)(wet and very cold)

[Liquid Oxygen tank]

Fire comes out here

[J-2 Third stage engine]

Part that falls off second

[Second stage]

More sky bag air (for burning)(cold + wet)

[Liquid Hydrogen tank, Second stage]

More breathing-type air (for burning)(cold + wet)

[Liquid Oxygen tank, Second stage]

Thing that brings in cold wet air to burn

[Fuel tank input, Second stage]

Fire comes out here

[5 J-2 Second stage engines]

Part that falls off first

[First stage]

More breathing-type air (for burning)(cold + wet)

[Liquid Oxygen tank, First stage]

More funny voice air (for filling up space)

[Helium tank, First stage]

Opening for putting in cold wet air

[Liquid oxygen tank input, First stage]

This is full of that stuff they burned in lights before houses had power. It goes together with the cold air when it’s time to start going up.

[Kerosene tank, First stage]

Lots of fire comes out here

[5 F-1 First stage engines]

[[Description of bottom end]]

This end should point toward the ground if you want to go to space. If it starts pointing toward space, you are having a bad problem and you will not go to space today.