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October 5, 2012

#1117: My Sky

My Sky

[[The first panel’s scenery is upside down. An artist is hanging from the ground, looking down at the sky, where there is a cloud.]]

Artist: Oh – hello down there!

Artist: Welcome to my sky!

[[The artist is now standing on the ground looking up.]]

Artist: It’s pretty good.

Artist: I like it.

Artist: It’s not the same color as



[[The scene zooms out, revealing more clouds.]]

Artist: Wow!

Artist: There are a


of you!

Artist: Good thing it’s so big.

[[A figure with long hair is talking to the artist at what’s evidently an alcoholory, since the figure is holding a martini glass and there is a waiter in the background.]]

Figure: And what do



Artist: I’m in the cloud storage business.