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January 25, 2012

#1008: Suckville


[[A girl is kneeling on the floor, playing a card game.]]

Girl: Hah! – Welcome to Suckville - population:


[[A guy is sitting on the floor opposite her, also playing the game.]]

Guy: Why are you using 2000 census data? – That’s an old figure.

[[The girl turns around from the game to look at her laptop, which is sitting on the floor behind her.]]

Girl: I couldn’t find Suckville in the 2010 census.

Guy: Huh? It’s right there in SF-1 table P1.

Girl: Oh. So it is.

[[The girl turns back to the guy, who is looking at his cards.]]

Girl: Well, then. Welcome to Suckville - population: 83.

Guy: Much better.