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January 23, 2012

#1007: Sustainable


Frequency of use of the word “sustainable” in US English text, as a percentage of all words, by year. Source: Google NGrams.

[[A two-axis graph with percentages increasing logarithmically (from 0.000001% to 1,000%) on the Y-axis, and years progressing linearly (from 1950 to 2140) on the X-axis. Actual data points show a high correlation from 0.00001 at 1950 to 0.001% at present day. Extrapolated data points exist for the future. 2036 (approx. 0.1%): “sustainable” occurs an average of once per page. 2061(approx. 1%): “sustainable” occurs an average of once per sentence. 2109(approx. 100%) All sentences are just the word “sustainable” over and over.]]

The word “sustainable” is unsustainable.