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September 9, 2011

#949: File Transfer

File Transfer

[[A person stands near a computer, talking on the phone to another person.]]

Person 1: You want your cousin to send you a file? easy. He can email it to- … Oh, it’s 25 MB? Hmm…

Person 1: Do either of you have an FTP server? No, right.

Person 1: If you had web hosting, you could upload it…

Person 1: Hm. We could try one of those MegaShareUpload stes, but they’re flaky and full of delays and porn popups.

Person 1: How about AIM Direct Connect? Anyone still use that?

Person 1: Oh, wait, Dropbox! It’s tis recent startup from a few years back that syncs folders between computers. You just need to make an account, install the-

Person 1: Oh, he just drove over to your house with a USB drive?

Person 1: Uh, cool, that works too.

I like how we’ve had the internet for decades, yet “sending files” is something early adopters are still figuring out how to do.