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September 7, 2011

#948: AI


[[A person with shoulder length hair sits on a wheeled computer chair at a desk. A laptop computer is on the desk playing some sort of media with audio. The person is facing away from the computer addressing someone off panel.]]

Person: Did you see the Cleverbot-Cleverbot chat?

Computer: I am not a robot. I’m a unicorn.

[[The first person has wheeled away from the desk and is now seating in front of the second person.]]

Person 2: Yeah. It’s hilarious, but it’s just clumsily sampling a huge database of lines people have typed. Chatterbots still have a long way to go.

[[The panel shows a close-up of the first persons head and shoulders. They have a hand to their chin and appear to be contemplating the last remark.]]

Person 1: So… Computers have mastered playing chess and driving cars across the desert, but can’t hold five minutes of normal conversation?

Person 2 (off-screen): Pretty much.

[[The panel shows a wide view of both people again.]]

Person 1: Is it just me, or have we created a Burning Man attendee?