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September 26, 2011

#956: Sharing


[[Two people hang out in front of a tree]]

Person 1: Whoa. What’s this?

Person 2: What’s what?

Person 1: This tree has a USB port.

Person 2: Try connecting to it, I guess

[[Person 1 brings out a laptop and connects to it]]

Person 1: It’s offering up a drive with one file on it.

Person 2: What’s the file?

Person 1: An eBook. “Shel_Silverstein_-_The_Giving_Tree.azw”

Person 2: Never heard of it. Let’s take a look!

Laptop: DRM Error: You have not purchased rights to view this title. Lending is not enabled.

Person 2: Huh. Oh well.

Person 1: Let’s go see what Mike is up to.

[[The tree is alone]]