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September 23, 2011

#955: Neutrinos


[[Two people are talking.]]

Person 1: Did you see the neutrino speed of light thing?

Person 2: Yup! Good news; I need the cash.

Person 1: Huh? Cash?

((Text above half-sized panel.))

Yeah. When there’s a news story about a study overturning all of physics, i used to urge caution, remind people that experts aren’t all stupid, and end up in pointless arguments about Galileo.

((Half-height panel.))

[[Man sitting on chair, looking down at laptop in his lap. Books and things are on a desk in front of him.]]

Man: No, this isn’t


whether relativity exists. If it didn’t, your GPS wouldn’t work. – What do you mean, “science thought police”? Have you seen our budget? We couldn’t


to afford our own thought police.

[[Two talking people again.]]

Person 1: That sounds miserable and unfulfilling.

Person 2: Yup. So I gave up, and now I just find excited believers and bet them $200 each that the new result won’t pan out.

[[Same as last panel.]]

Person 1: That’s mean.

Person 2: It provides a good income, and if I’m ever wrong, I’ll be too excited about the new physics to notice the loss.