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September 12, 2011

#950: Mystery Solved

Mystery Solved

[[A twin prop airplane flies high overhead.]]

Off-screen person: What’s that airplane?

[[The plane lands, a pilot steps out and waves to the crowd.]]

Off-screen person: Holy crap - Is that Amelia Earhart?

[[The frame shows a close up of Amelia Earhart.]]

Amelia: Hey everyone! My flight was a success!

Off-screen person: But… Where were you?

[[The frame shows a wide view of Amelia again, she stops waving.]]

Amelia: I flew around the world!

Off-screen person: But you disappeared in 1937!

Amelia: Right, to fly around the world.

Off-screen person: It’s 2011!

Amelia: The world is big. It’s a long flight.

Off-Screen person: But you…

Off-Screen person: It’s not…

Off-Screen person: I-

Amelia: Can I talk to someone smarter?