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July 6, 2011

#921: Delivery Notification

Delivery Notification

[[The first panel is a UPS InfoNotice(r). Most of the text on it is just scribbles, though the company logo and header is clear.]]

[[A person opens their door to see the InfoNotice(r). From off panel, a second person reacts.]]



I’ve been here all day!

Off-panel person 2: Huh?

Person: They have my laptop.

[[Now both people are visible. The first is making an expansive gesture of annoyance.]]

Person 2: So get it tomorrow.

Person: I fly out in the morning and they don’t open till noon!

Person 2: Sucks.

[[The first person is at a laptop. The second is once again off-panel.]]

Person: It’s

right there

. I can see the UPS building on the map.

Off-panel person 2: Ok…

[[Dramatic zoom to the person’s upper torso and face, along with clenched fist.]]

Person: My laptop is there. It’s



Person: I’m going to get it.

[[Even more dramatic zoom! The person’s featureless face fills the panel.]]

Off-panel person 2: They won’t let you.

Person: Who are they to keep from me what is mine?

Off-panel person 2: Dude, they –

[[The person spins, raising a finger, most likely to indicate some sort of quest at hand.]]

Person: A quest is at hand!

Off-panel person 2: Security’s gonna throw you out.

Person: I fear neither death nor pain. But I will not go unarmed.

((Three inset panels overlap, in a montage format. The person narrates.))

[[Elves in long robes stand around a table, on which lies a broken sword.]]

Narrating person: Light the beacons and send word to the Elves. They must reforge the sword of my fathers.

[[An Elf beats the sword together on an anvil.]]

[[An Elf rides a horse, silhouetted by the full moon.]]

Narrating person: Ere dawn, I will go forth to the Sorting Depot.

((The montage ends and normal panels resume.))

[[The Elf knocks at the door, sword in scabbard held under arm.]]

«Knock knock knock knock»

[[The person opens the door, to find a second InfoNotice(r) stuck on top of the first. The Elf is gone.]]