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July 25, 2011

#929: Speculation


[[Two people are playing basketball, and black hat guy is looking at a phone.]]

Person #1: Do you seriously think


will move to Plus? It was hard enough getting them on Facebook.

[[Person #2 attempts to throw the basketball through the hoop, but it bounces off.]]

Person #2: Do they have to?

Person #2: My mom still uses AOL - it doesn’t mean my social life has to happen there.

[[Person #1 passes the basketball back to #2.]]

Person #2: Universal adoption isn’t everything. I mean, IRC is still –

[[Person #2 throws the basketball.]]

[[An arrow pierces the ball.]]


[[The black hat guy has a one handed crossbow, and is still looking at a phone.]]

Person #2: You’re not really the “catch” type, are you?

Black Hat Guy: I am not.