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July 18, 2011

#926: Time Vulture

Time Vulture

[[A bird with apparently fractal wings hovers above a dude, standing with a friend.]]

Friend: Dude, you’ve got a Time Vulture.

Dude: Holy crap! What is it?

Friend: They’re predators that use aging to kill prey.

Dude: Huh? What do you mean?

[[The panel zooms in on the Friend’s face. Dude comments from off-panel.]]

Friend: They live for millenia and use little energy. They can slow down their internal clocks so time speeds past. To hunt, they lock on to some prey, and when it stops moving, they eat it.

Dude (off-panel): But what if the prey doesn’t die?

Friend: I don’t think you quite understand.

Dude: I mean,


not about to die…

Friend: From the vulture’s viewpoint, everyone says that moments before they do.