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July 15, 2011

#925: Cell Phones

Cell Phones

[[A person is holding a cellphone. The black hat guy is sitting at a desk with a laptop.]]

Person: Another huge study found no evidence that cell phones cause cancer. What was the W.H.O. thinking?

Black Hat Guy: I think they just got it backward.

[[The black hat guy swivels in his chair, holding the laptop by the upper edge of the screen.]]

Person: Huh?

Black Hat Guy: Well, take a look.

[[There is a plot of total cancer incidence and cell phone users. Cancer rises from 1970 to 1990, then stays relatively steady. Cell phone use rises from 1980 to the present.]]

Person: You’re not… There are


many problems with that.

Black Hat Guy: Just to be safe, until I see more data I’m going to assume cancer causes cell phones.