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June 8, 2011

#909: Worst-Case Shopping

Worst-Case Shopping

[[A man is diving in very deep, dark blue water. He shines a flashlight at the sea floor.]]

Man: (thinks) Eight meters. There’s the wreckage… Yes! I see the key!

[[As he swims further toward it, his flashlight starts to cut out.]]

Man: (thinks) Gotta grab it, surface, get in to the radio shed, and warn the President! Just a few more…

Flashlight: BZZT FIZZ

((This panel has no border like the others, and is divided in half diagonally by a thought bubble.))

[[The left half of it is a dark blue thought bubble with the diver inside it. On the right hand side are packaged flashlights hanging on a shelf. The one called Hi-Brite is $24.95 and is labeled ‘water resistant to 10 meters.’ The one called ‘FenStar G6’ is $49.95 and says ‘water resistant to 40 meters.’]]

Man: (thinks) Oh no.

[[Two men stand in front of a flashlight display in a store. One looks down at the packages with his hand on his chin in thought. The thought bubble from the previous panel leads from his head. The other man stands behind him.]]

Man #1: …maybe I should spring for the deeper water resistance.

Man #2: Why on earth would you care about that?

Man #1: Look, you never know.