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June 6, 2011

#908: The Cloud

The Cloud

[[A man finds a computer tower with a wire leading away from it.]]

Man: What’s this?

Off-screen: The Cloud.

[[The man looks behind him. The wire leads to an outlet in the wall next to where the Hat Man sits at a desk with a computer. Another wire leads from that outlet to the Hat Man’s computer.]]

Man: Huh? I always thought “The Cloud” was a huge, amorphous network of servers somewhere.

Hat Man: Yeah, but everyone buys server time from everyone else. In the end, they’re all getting it here.

[[A close-up of Hat Man.]]

Man (off-screen): How? You’re on a



Hat Man: There’s a lot of caching.

[[A close-up of the man, looking down at the tower at his feet.]]

Man: Should the cord be stretched across the room like this?

Hat Man (off-screen): Of course. It has to reach the server, and the server is over there.

[[The man turns back to the Hat Man, still sitting at the computer.]]

Man: What if someone trips on it?

Hat Man: Who would want to do that? It sounds unpleasant.

Man: Uh. Sometimes people do stuff by accident.

Hat Man: I don’t think I know anybody like that.